Vivid Brand

Get to the heart of shopping laundry care

The Challenge

In a category with continuous innovation, give Shoppers a reason to care and believe in the benefits of Vernel’s new product “Soft & Oils”.

The Shopper Truth

Shoppers are used to buying detergent based on one criteria: “It gets my clothes cleaner”. But Shoppers are fatigued by continuous claims of better cleaning power. They require a new proposition that addresses a real concern – feel and longevity of clothing.

Our Approach

Create a unique proposition and key visual in the category, representing the emotional attachment we have to clothes.

Communicate strongly on the key benefits of Soft & Oils: softness and care for your clothes.

Stand out in the Category with strong use of brand assets: the colour and oil drop.

Client Type Service
Henkel BTL Big Idea
Shopper Marketing
Digital Activation