Vivid Brand

Transform “warehouse” to brewery to drive growth

The Challenge

Transform the Beer Category shopping experience from “warehouse” to discovery.

The Shopper Truth

Shoppers buy from a repertoire of brands and rarely try something new.

Most purchases are made from the promotional display at the Category entrance.

Despite the popularity of beer in the market, most Shoppers don’t understand the brewing process or taste profiles.

Our Approach

Create a new look and feel for the category, with brewery cues, materials and textures.

Place promotions at the back of the category to draw Shoppers through.

Educate Shoppers on quality ingredients, the brewing process and taste profiles to encourage trial and upgrade.

The Result:

The design and success of this job, was recognized by Popai with an Award.

Client Type Service
SAB Retail Shopper Marketing
Retail Design
Beers, Wines & Spirits, Grocery