Vivid Brand

Sharpen communication to tackle a giant

The Challenge

Take on the leading brand with a product that performs better in consumer tests.

The Shopper Truth

Most Consumers are looking for an irritation-free shave.

Shoppers are tired of meaningless ‘perfectly shaved’ faces.

Shoppers are influenced more by the opinions of others, than what the brand tells them.

Our Approach

Optimise communication to ensure that Shoppers are interrupted and engaged at each stage of their journey.

Emphasise water imagery to respond to the need for a refreshing shave.

Use consumer and journalist quotes to break down the barriers to purchase.

The Result:

A new approach for creating shopper communications at Energizer and a tool kit that has been accepted by all UK Customers.

Client Type Service
Wilkinson Sword BTL Shopper Marketing
Personal Care / Pharmacy