Vivid Brand

Bring the fun of pet snacks to life

The Challenge

Bring more Shoppers into the growing pet snacks category with a new and fun product experience for owner and pet.

The Shopper Truth

Most snacks and treats are purchased for emotional reasons – Shoppers want to create fun or bonding moments in their day to feel closer to their pet.

The snacks category is a confusing wall of choice: colours, shapes, sizes and flavours.

Our Approach

Drive choice of Felix snacks before Shoppers reach the Category, using the brand assets and targeted communication at key locations.

Create un-missable stand out in the wall of confusion. Use arresting calls-to-action to prompt Shoppers to make the time to treat their cat with fun and tasty treats.

Client Type Service
Purina BTL Shopper Marketing
Pet Food, Grocery & Specialist