Vivid Brand

Target shopper needs and consumer desires

The Challenge

Loved by teens, shopped by Mums, Coke Zero needed to make a more powerful connection with its core Shoppers: Mums who purchase 85% of the volume.

The Shopper Truth

Mums want to provide for their family, satisfying their needs and facilitating occasions. Male teens, want uplifting refreshment from a brand that makes them look cool.

Our Approach

Translate the core creative idea into a Shopper relevant proposition.
Identify optimum locations across channels to target mums and teens.
Tailor the communication to each touchpoint to respond to their mindset and drive new behaviour.
Create best-in-class tools, with impressive in store presence and effectiveness.

The Result:

Significant growth in all markets ranging from


Client Type Service
Coca-Cola BTL Digital
In Store Shopper Marketing
Soft Drinks