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Who’s the Daddy?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a post to all the wonderful dads out there! Father’s Day as a retail event is growing each year, so we had a look at what online retailers are doing to grab shopper attention with their websites this Father’s Day:


Everyone knows Dad loves beer… but finding the perfect beer to match his personality can be tricky. Luckily, Morrisons is here to save the day with their ‘If your Dad was an Ale’ chart! Matching ‘Dad types’ to ‘Ale types’, they make shopping the selection fun and leave shoppers feeling like they’ve found a gift that is unique and personal. Applause!


Personalisation is key for, from cards, to t-shirts, and even hammers! The layout of the site means its easy to find exactly something Dad’s will love, whilst also giving you an option to put your stamp on it.


There’s even a handy countdown clock at the top of the page, just to remind hesitant shoppers how long they have until the big day!



John Lewis

Keeping things classy, John Lewis combine playful copy (Whisky business hehe) with nicely arranged clusters of gift ideas that link through to pages of products that dad will love.




Everyone loves ‘Top 10’s’, and BHS’ ‘Top 10 Fathers day gifts’ is no exception. Fun copy (bamboozled?!) and nice presentation make this simple page very easy to shop, but if you’re still seeking inspiration their fab selection of ‘Fathers day deals’ capture the attention of last-minute, and price conscious, shoppers.



Tesco’s home page is a shine to all things Dad! Not even just one kind of Dad, there’s ‘Quirky Dad’, ‘Stylish Dad’ and ‘New Dad’ amongst others, meaning the shopper can easily spot the right category for the special man in their life.


Interestingly there is also a page for homemade Father’s day gift ideas, reminding shoppers that Tesco are a family friendly brand.



Kiels goes all out with a huge and promising Fathers Day feature page, including special offers such as free express delivery and free samples with the code “DAD”. .



Unfortunately the ‘customise a gift for your dad’ link didn’t seem to work and just took the shopper to a male grooming section with no sign of the chance to customise or personalise. On an attempt to navigate to the promised customised gifts, we clicked on ‘Gift Sets’, only to find the highlighted options were ‘Valentines’ and ‘Mothers Day’… come on Kiels!


Fortnum and Mason

Offering luxurious gift ideas for the most discerning of Dad’s, Fortnum and Mason aim to impress. Fortnum’s veer away from the standard ‘Dad’ categories and instead focus on things such as hampers, leatherwear and cufflinks (so posh!).



With an emphasis on the ‘modern’ family, Matalan’s home page promises to help you find gifts for all of the dads out there, including stepdads and grandads! The layout is quite simple and just presents the male sections under new names ie ‘Accessories for Dads’ rather than ‘Men’s accessories’, but it is a slight change that suddenly makes the whole section very occasion specific.



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