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Valentines Day Love In

As Valentines Day swiftly approaches, lovers everywhere gear up to celebrate. But they’re not the only ones jumping on the love train – brands and retailers are also getting on board. They’ll be pulling out all the stops to tug at the heartstrings of customers with romantically themed marketing. We had a look at those doing it best this year:


Selfridges have gone all out with their in store displays and passionate pink lighting reminding customers that the day of love is almost upon them.

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Throughout the store gift ideas are highlighted with themed messaging and heart shaped POS.

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There is even a whole area dedicated to personalised bottles of champagne.

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Is there really any better way to show your love that giving your dearest a personalised jar of Marmite? I think not.

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Now Marmite fans can personalise a jar with the name of their one true love. There is one one catch, Marmite has put its foot down and banned the words ‘bae’, ‘babycakes’ and ‘snookums’ – all deemed the most stomach-curdling” of pet-names and voted the nation’s most hated.


IMG_2218 IMG_2219

Marmite famously takes Valentine’s Day pretty seriously and in the past have even come out with a special Champagne-tinged version of the yeasty spread.



These cute window displays at Paperchase are sure to raise a smile or two.


Featuring two very nice buns and a multitude of hearts against a backdrop of reds and pinks.


The pun theme continues in-store and online with lots of playful cards and gift ideas.

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Mystery Potato

The ultimate surprise Valentines gift? For a mere £5, Mystery Potato will send a potato (that’s right an ACTUAL POTATO), bearing a personalised message, to your special someone. Customers can choose from an array of potato types (sweet for your sweet maybe?!) and personalise it with any message they like.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 16.18.48

If you’re not feeling too positive this valentines, there is also the option to send a sack of ‘revenge potatoes’!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 16.42.15

According to the two businessmen that founded the company, ‘in these days of email, tweets, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger, sending someone something in the mail is starting to have a renewed power and impact….Potatoes are just the thing to send in the mail.’

Ted Baker

Ted Baker has created a promotional Valentine’s Day microsite “Hook your SoleMate” which invites users to fish for pairs (such as a heart, starfish or lobster). Those who get a match are then in with a chance of winning prizes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.14.56

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.38.40

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.38.50


Last but not least, cheeky staff in Tesco are hoping to inspire romantic customers with these strategically placed shelf barkers in store. Whether these products are used for a romantic afternoon tea for two, or something different entirely… that’s for the customer to decide.



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