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Top 5: Innovative Travel Campaigns

Travel companies frequently use experiential marketing to bring people together and create memorable experiences that will stay in their minds long after the event has passed.

We’ve selected 5 of our favourite experiential travel campaigns that we think are the most innovative and well thought out.

British Airways: Discover USA through virtual reality

Thanks to the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, British Airways was able to invite European passersby to travel to some of the largest US cities in a few seconds. This was a high quality ambient marketing experience that created strong brand awareness and brought the BA promise (bringing people closer to their destinations) to life.

SNCF: “Europe. It’s just next door”

French rail network SNCF has created some brilliant experiential marketing campaigns in the past few years. The one that catch our attention was made in 2013 for the promotion of famous travel destinations in Europe. To enhance the fact that these places are ‘just next-door’, SNCF tried to connect people with key European destinations by allowing them to physically open the door to another city. This created a great connection between the consumer and the location but also with SNCF as a company, as it showed that they were dedicated to making their slogan a reality.

S7 Airlines: The Imagination Machine

Russian airline, S7 Airlines noted that many Russian citizens have rarely travelled, so decided to use experiential marketing to play on their imagination. The insight behind the ‘Imagination Machine’ is rather simple yet powerful: When a person wants something they tend to think about it very hard, until the mind is completely focused on achieving that goal. Participants were asked to think about a dream holiday destination whilst wearing a helmet full of sensors, to see how far they could steer a virtual plane on a globe just with their brainwaves! The stunt saw over 200 people taking part throughout the day, each having 45 seconds to make it to their destination and a dream holiday up for grabs if they made it.

Air France: Live Air France Experience in Toulouse

To promote its 14 new direct destinations from Toulouse, Air France launched a campaign that allowed participants to live the ‘Air France experience’. This involved 100s of people equipped with wireless headphones listening to an enthusiastic instructor as they pretend to fly over various destinations. When ‘flying’ over Malaga they are invited to do a group wave, erect a statue when ‘flying’ over Greece, and move to the sound of electronic music when ‘approaching’ Berlin. Over 5 days, people from Toulouse had the opportunity to participate and to win lots of different prizes including 40 plane tickets to one of the 14 new destinations from Toulouse.

KLM: Live High Five

KLM developed this experiential marketing campaign to promote the proximity of many places in the world that the company travels to. They installed two interactive installations in Amsterdam and New York that allowed 100’s of people from each place to come face-to-face and give each other a virtual high five. If the timing of the high five was perfect, the participants will have the opportunity to win a plane ticket to the destination of the person behind the screen. This campaign created a lot of spontaneous interactions with an added bonus of a possible holiday!