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The Mane Attraction

The market for hair care products is massive and continues to grow, so marketers need to grab consumer attention with creative and dynamic forms of marketing. We curated our favourite unusual and memorable advertising campaigns that cleverly promote hair care products:


The Swedish text on this Garnier ad by Publicis translates as, ‘for any hair type’, and at first glace these men appear to have been using the product on their beards! However on closer inspection it becomes clear that this is an optical illusion and these luxurious beards are actually the backs of women’s heads.



These famous cartoon ladies might not be the normal type of ‘real-women’ that Dove has become famous for using in their advertising, but they still have real women hair problems. In this fun print ad, Marge Simpson, Wilma Flintstone, Jane Jetson and Velma Dinkley all let their hair down with the help of Dove’s styling natural-feel properties.

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This perfectly placed billboard uses the sunlight and moonlight to capture the naturalness of the product and illustrate the range of their hair colour products.



Wild hair watch out! Even a lion’s mane can be transformed into smooth, soft… fashionable?!… locks with a little help from Timotei!



This image effectively communicates the effectiveness of the shampoo, whilst also making a playful nod to childhood bath time games.




Representing fit hair that’s as tough as a well-toned bicep! This print ad by Publicis Belgium uses fun imagery to demonstrate the strengthening benefits of Omnifit.



These ‘Hair Power’ ads are almost a ‘before shot’ of the wild unruly hair that can only be tamed by the power of Pantene shampoo.



Sedal obviously prides itself on delivery hair that can tame even the wildest of manes, shown here in these funny before and after shots.



For more hair raising marketing examples, follow the link to our Pinterest board!