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Tapping in to the General Election

Despite politics being a risky subject, brands are keen to stay relevant to what’s important in the lives of consumers. Companies ranging from Facebook to Smirnoff have jumped on board the election hype and tried to position themselves accordingly.

Birds Eye – Stirring Speeches

As Britons prepare to vote, Birds Eye asked 1,000 people to name the political speeches and public speakers that they believe have caused a stir and changed history. The chosen speeches were then mashed together with the mouths of our current leaders to create a new campaign for their stir-cooked range.

Smirnoff – We’re Open

Smirnoff positions themself as the vodka for everyone and this is pushed further in the ‘We’re Open’ campaign that embraces their inclusive character. Although the link between vodka and voting might not be that clear, the ads have tapped into the election buzz showing that no matter whether people are “right wing or left wing” Smirnoff is still for them.

election-1Facebook/ Bompas & Parr

Facebook have partnered with Bompas and Parr to turn the London Eye into a pie chart that reflects political opinion before the election. Facebook sourced its date from roughly 52m interactions such as ‘likes’, shares or comments and turned them into a light show that represent statistics such as how often the main party political leaders have been discussed on Facebook.


B&Q – Gnomifesto

Turning the leaders of the seven main parties into garden gnomes and highlighting important issues, such as how often to have barbecues, B&Q have launched a ‘gnomifesto’ in a bid to encourage people to vote.


Ryanair’s playful print ad ran across the UK press the morning after the BBC opposition leaders’ debate on 16 April and features political leaders Milliband and Farage.



Paying homage to the classic Conservative ‘Labour isn’t working’ campaign poster from 1978, Mr.Kipling tries to cut in on the election hype.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power not only wants you to vote, it wants you to put your money where your vote is and take a gamble on the likely outcome of the election. The brand parked a truck outside Westminister Parliament emblazed with a cheeky message informing MP’s that they might be getting fired in the morning.