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Summer Street Marketing Campaigns

As soon as the sun comes out, so do the people! Whether they’re heading to the beach or the park, or just their local beer garden –  suddenly it’s a lot busier outside! For brands, summer can be a great time to get customers engaged, as the warm weather leaves many feeling energised and spontaneous! We had a round up of the most inspiring summer street marketing campaigns we’ve seen in recent years:

Heineken: Extra Cold

There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summers day, but what if you forget to chill them in the fridge the night before?! Heineken overcame the ‘no-one likes a warm beer’ problem with this ultra-resistant beer plastic bottle with the ‘Extracold’ technology – allowing you to put your beers in the freezer and to make them ultra-fresh in few minutes. Thanks to thermochromic ink, which reacts with the cold, you can find out if your beer is cool enough to be enjoyed – the label is red when the beer is at the ideal temperature for consumption and turns white when it’s too warm.

To promote this Heineken recently organised an event called ‘Extracold Zone’ – an experience installed in Paris to promote the freshness, innovation and technology that go along with this new packaging. Visitors were invited to escape the heat and immerse themselves in an ice world, with 360° sound and video.

Image 1 - Extra Cold NEW

Citroën: Citroën Cactus Sunshield

To promote their new Citroën C4 Cactus, the brand went out onto the street, offering free sun visors to motorists in car parks. The delighted car owners rushed to get their free gift and then placed it against the windshield of their cars before going off to enjoy their day in the sun. Unbeknown to them, the ink in the visor is heat sensetive and after some time changes to reveal a message that reads, ‘My Next Car? Citroën C4 Cactus’. Suddenly all the windshields in the parking lot became billboards advertising the new Citroën – a simple yet brilliantly effective idea, that allows Citroën to advertise easily and intelligently.


Magnum took over London’s Regent Street on the 31st May to celebrate the launch of its limited edition flavours with a summer street party. The day was themed around the new products’ different personalities: ‘playful’ Pink Raspberry and ‘sophisticated’ Black Espresso, and ended with visitors deciding whether to light the London Eye black or pink by tweeting #London and #MagnumPink or #MagnumBlack,




This summer leading Swedish cider brand Kopparberg launched its largest outdoor campaign to date. The £5m marketing investment involved over 1,900 sites and approximately 4,000 six-sheets in eight cities across the UK, including London’s Piccadilly Circus, Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, and Glasgow Central. Also Kopparberg’s Urban Forest (in Hackney Wick, London) returned for its second year and included live music, street food and lots of Kopparberg cider! The on-site bar also served the new Frozen Fruit Cider to consumers for the first time.



Sprite: Giant Soda Machine Shower

Summers in Rio de Janeiro are HOT, so in 2012 Sprite decided to help beachgoers cool down with branded ‘Sprite showers’. Built to look like huge soda machines (that dispensed water rather than fizzy pop!), the showers were open to the public to enjoy and delivered more than 1,500 showers each day! The brand promoted themselves further by handing out free bottles of their soda – thus associating Sprite with a great refreshing moment! The whole thing was filmed and provided excellent footage for viral video campaigns.

Pastis 51: Artic Room 51

We spend most of the year craving the summer climate but when it finally arrives, not many of us can really handle the heat! Pernod Ricard took advantage of this fact and decided to promote their new product, Pastis 51: 51 Glacial, with a refreshing pop up ice bar in Paris. Inside a transformed shipping container, visitors will find more than 4 tons of carved ice that offer a welcome relief from the blazing summer heat. Once they’ve cooled down with a few drinks inside they can venture back out and relax on one of the many colourful deck chairs or enjoy a game of pétanque!

Image 2 - 51 Glacial

Peruvian League Against Cancer: Shadow Wi-Fi

The Peruvian League against Cancer created this beach campaign to warn visitors about the dangers of skin cancer. ‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ was a large blue structure that contained a sensor to track the movements of the sun and then adjusted the Wi-Fi antenna accordingly – ensuring that only those in the shade had a Wi-Fi signal. To take part, beach goers needed to register to the charity’s network which allowed the foundation to collect valuable data about the length of time people spent in the shade.

Image 3 - Shadow Wi-Fi

Universal Studios: King Kong 360 3D

To celebrate the launch of their King Kong 3D attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood created this highly successful publicity stunt. Beach goers in Santa Monica were entertained by the huge beastly footprints in the sand and crushed lifeguard vehicle – it can only mean one thing, King Kong is on his way to Universal Studios!

Image 4 - King Kong Universal


Of course, street marketing isn’t just limited to summertime! For more OOH campaigns, head over to our curated pin-board HERE