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Sex Sells: Innuendo filled ads

We had a look at the ways that marketers use sex appeal to catch the attention of Shoppers. Our intrepid investigators came across everything from bad taste executions, to wildly inappropriate imagery as well as gorgeous, super sensual stimuli.

The Banned One (NSFW)

Shot by the controversial photographer, Terry Richardson, this Tom Ford ad (for a man’s fragrance) was banned everywhere because of it’s overly explicit content. Seen below, is one of the three shots used in the campaign, and trust us, this is the only one that we feel we can actually share without being pornographic.

sex sells Image 1

One for the ladies!

Kraft goes against the grain by objectifying a male body in this fun yet tasteful ad campaign to sell salad cream. It’s nice to have one for the ladies and at least it’s targeted towards the Shopper, it’s just a shame it’s for a cooking ingredient.

sex sells Image 2

sex sells Image 3

We challenge you to NOT imagine this man in salad cream.


What do you see in this picture? Boobs or Knees?

sex sells IMAGE 4

Turning the least sexy parts of the body (knees and toes – Eww) into supposedly the sexiest. And all with a little bit of moisturising cream! A nicely executed play on imagery.


This condom brand combines appropriate visual cues to create a well-executed tongue in cheek print ad for their new vanilla flavour. Mmm

sex sells IMAGE 5


This headphone brand promises to ‘make sound sexy’, by transforming the product into a suggestive silhouette to inspire the imagination of the viewer.

sex sells IMAGE 6


Renowned for their iconic and provocative lingerie advertising, Wonderbra always manages to create campaigns that are both sexy and clever whilst leaving you with half a smile on your face. This double cover print ad allows readers to pull the strings at the bottom to recreate the uplifted Wonderbra effect, reminding them what can be achieved with this underwear range whilst drawing attention to a unique product feature.

sex sells IMAGE 7

sex sells IMAGE 8

Carry On up the Bakery

Oo-er Missus! This Danish bakery sexed up it’s ‘buns’ with some cheeky packaging to help them stand out on the shelf from their competitors.

sex sells IMAGE 9

It’s certainly arresting, but will this appeal to female Shoppers?

Look away now!

Feeling thirsty?

Advertising students made this highly inappropriate poster ad for the Finnish milk brand, Valio.

sex sells IMAGE 10

If in doubt, stick some boobs on it

What better way to show the quality of a phone camera than with a photo of a bikini clad babe? Brands know there is no real connection between their product and the sexy imagery they use in their campaigns, but sex sells.

sex sells IMAGE 11


Probably one for the bad taste category, but you have to admit it made you laugh! However, we’re not sure it’s sending the best message to beer drinking men … wink wink!

sex sells IMAGE 12