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Projection Mapping

4D mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology that has the ability to take a real-life object, structure or even building, and project onto it. Through a combination of motion graphics, & 3D animation, video mapping adds extra dimensions such as optical illusions and the impression of movement onto the static objects.

This type of technology has quickly become popular with advertisers and dozens of brands have used video projections to launch products in major cities across the world. The technology has the greatest impact when the projection animation is combined with synchronised music, with some brands employing renowned musicians and DJs to attract the right crowd, create a buzz and deliver a deeper multi sensory experience,

From sneakers to skyscrapers, here are our favourite examples:

Jordan Melo M8

To mark the launch of Carmelo Anthony’s new Jordan Melo M8 shoe, they celebrated with a showcase of his basketball skills at a night-time show in NYC. This stunningly creative and innovative execution is almost magical.

The water projection featured a three-storey tall Melo, dunking and walking on the waters surface!

Disney Infinity

In this swish stunt a 36 ft tall projection of the Hulk ‘raised’ London’s Tower Bridge to ensure safe delivery of the new Disney Infinity video game as it travelled along the Thames in a barge.

Battersea Power Station

To raise awareness for the iconic building’s redevelopment, Battersea Power Station created a spectacular visual experience using 360,000 lumens of immersive visuals to celebrate the building’s past, present and future.

Pepsi Max

As part of their Unbelievable campaign, Pepsi Max gave unsuspecting London commuters a surprise, using 3D projection experience in the cold and gloomy tunnels of London Bridge. The brand used projection technology to create futuristic portals that revealed prehistoric dinosaurs and futuristic cyborgs.

New Balance

The most popular 3D Projections are done onto buildings, however its implementation on smaller objects can be just as impressive as seen here on a New Balance trainer.

Nokia Lumia Live featuring Deadmau5 

To mark the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia celebrated with a 4D projection lights and music show featuring famous DJs Deadmau5, which transformed the Millbank Tower in London. The event caused a massive social media buzz with thousands of user-generated video uploads, tweets and social conversation and delivered powerful brand and product awareness, as well as noticeable business impact.


Using high-end technology, integrated with 4D mapping, Ferrari created a live performance show for the brand, that plunges the audience into the exhilarating world of Secret Agent Cavallino.

The performers respond to 3D landscapes, music and perspective shifts creating the impression that they are traversing the space that is projected around them.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has a history of pioneering digitally innovative consumer experiences and this is probably the most famous piece of projection mapping ever. Widely considered to have changed the face of advertising, the Bond Street flagship store in the UK disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images relating to the heritage and key brand assets of the brand, rendered in 3-dimensional space. A catwalk appears from within the building and models walk out to present a virtual catwalk show to those on the street.

Intel Ultrabook 3D Tour 

The Intel Ultrabook 3D Tour was a national promotional campaign in Germany to launch the new Ultrabook. Each building came alive in it’s own unique way and provided the audience with a unique live audiovisual performance of the highest standards.

Red Bull

Known as Red Bull Off The Planet, this nighttime event featured some of the worlds best snowboarders who were tracked by infrared to create an incredible art show from 4D visuals as they flew through the air.

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire created a projection-mapping spectacle in London as the culmination of their ‘Project Your Imagination’ competition. The winning entry, chosen by Facebook fans, inspired the projection onto the Battersea Power Station next to the River Thames.


To launch Sensodyne’s new “Repair and Protect” toothpaste, they set up an interactive experiential projection mapping show at the Science Museum.

For even more examples, follow the link to our ‘Projection Mapping’ Pinterest page!