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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

With the big day less than a month away, the countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. As retailers finish off preparing for the busiest trading period of the year, the high street is already beginning to swell with shoppers trying to tick everyone off their list. We had a look at some of the stores in central London, to see how retailers have designed their shop windows to grab the attention of shoppers during the festive season.


Selfridges was the first store in THE WORLD to unveil it’s Christmas windows this year with a not overtly obvious festive theme. The 12 windows of the massive department store have been used to represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, with mannequins wearing bespoke headdresses from various designers. The creative team have been planning the display since September 2014 and their hard work and organisation has clearly paid off (with the help of almost 2 tonnes of glitter). The zodiac theme carries on in store and online, with shopping edits and gift guides created for each star sign.

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Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols’ studio 54 themed festive windows give a nod to the iconic 70’s nightclub and celebrates the fashions of the era. Cleverly positioned props form giant disco divas against a kaleidoscope of colour featuring (wait for it…), a million flakes of glitter, over 300,000 sequins, 15,000 gift boxes, 620 mirror balls, 540 baubles, 15kg of glue sticks and 30,000 staples! All in all, creating a disco party full of sparkle!

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This year Topman has partnered with Projection Artworks to create an eye-catching Christmas window display at their flagship London store. The display features arctic themed geometric shapes that are bought to life by artistically mapped 3D animations which are (unusually) visible during the daytime as well as at night. Many of the animations are designed to serve specific campaign objectives, such as a knitting-themed film which promoted the brand’s Christmas jumpers, whilst others are simply striking visuals that follow the creative concept of ‘The Arctic’.


Tiffany & Co

This year the luxury jeweller has invited passersby to step into an enchanting winter wonderland inspired by 19th century miniature theatres. Each window reveals a fairy tale scene full of decadence created from their signature Tiffany blue and winter white and features bejewelled fir trees, a grand staircase and even a valiant porcelain stag!


“Once Upon a Christmas” is the theme for Harrods in Knightsbridge, with each window designed to replicate a theatre set. Inspired by pantomime and traditional Venetian puppet shows, the windows are framed by plush red velvet curtains, adorned with lights, and filled with puppet performers. Especially for younger, smaller, shoppers, the retailer has raised its windows by 23 inches to reveal magical ‘underfloor’ theatre scenes – guaranteed to raise a smile or two.

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John Lewis

Carrying on the man in the moon theme of their much talked about TV advert, John Lewis have creative a magical window display in their Oxford street store. The story is bought to life to passersby with telescopic views of our hero, the man on the moon, as well as bundles of presents attached to balloons. A much more minimalist approach than previous years yet perhaps more poignant than ever before.


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Fortnum and Mason

Featuring traditional scenes of reindeers, instruments and festive food, this year’s windows are inspired by the stores collaboration with illustrator Kristjana S Williams -who created the designs for over 100 new festive products. In each of the 21 windows, a key motif from Williams’ designs has been transformed into 3D, creating dreamlike scenes, including 300 owls, roosters and macaws adorned with gems and headdresses. A visual cocktail of a traditional Christmas with a twist!

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Inspired by Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, Liberty’s Christmas windows are filled with cleverly arranged prints and products that reflect the unique history and design of the building. Despite perhaps lacking the immediate visual impact of the other stores, Liberty’s have once again created a beautiful festive display with a strong nostalgic connection.