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Outdoor Digital Advertising

Due to advancements in digital technology, especially the sophistication of mobile, social, and location-based apps, the outdoor space is becoming an even richer creative landscape for brands to market within.

Here’s our roundup of the best digital and interactive outdoor advertising from the past few years:

Kit Kat: We Will Find You

The Kit Kat ‘We Will Find You’ campaign saw GPS chips placed in six chocolate bar wrappers, which once opened activated a GPS signal that alerted organisers at Nestle and a team to deliver a £10,000 prize directly to the winner. To make this all come together, 3,000 outdoor 6-sheets were fitted with NFC/QR touchpoints that directed users to live competition updates and the opportunity to enter a secondary competition with an on-pack code via Facebook. Smartphone interactions also drove to a mobile landing page which hosted updates on the number of GPS bars left.


These outdoor ads from Netflix, use animated GIFs to respond to what’s actually happening in real time, using content taken from film scenes available on Netflix. For example, the digital displays might show an exuberant dance scene from Orange is the New Black to react to a French soccer victory, or the scowling police officer from Fargo in the case of a defeat. The GIF posters also respond to weather. Walter White dons his sunglasses in response to bright sunlight, and King Leonidas from the film 300, shelters beneath his shield in the rain.

Walkers: #tweettoeat

These interactive bus shelter vending machines are powered by Twitter and staffed by a virtual Gary Lineker! Roving installations were set up at some of the busiest bus stops around London in order to create buzz and raise awareness of three new flavours. This was a really fun and creative way to get pack samples into the hands of consumers across the city.

McDonald’s: #littlepiccadilly

As people pass the McDonald’s digital display screen in Piccadilly Circus, they are invited to create their own animated avatar character on the website and send it directly to the “Little Piccadilly” screen through their Smartphone.

The avatars then appear on the enormous digital display screen shortly afterwards in a fun animation (featuring McDonalds). The digital display works 24/7, 365 days a year and the background changes to reflect the real-time weather and seasonal conditions, such as rain, sun, night. Those who take part can also chose to save and share the content to spread the word.

British Airways: #lookup

British Airways #Lookup campaign was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom and contained real ‘wow factor’. Using custom technology it tracked aircrafts actual flight paths in real time to co-ordinate and play a (pre-recorded) video clip of a child pointing up to the plane, in the exact direction, as it flew overhead!

Oreo: #wonderfilled

To celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday, the ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign saw dynamic animations screened on 12 giant digital billboards, spread across different buildings in Times Square, New York. Making full creative use of the space, some of the boards reached all the way up the sides of towering skyscrapers and interacted with content on adjacent building’s billboards. The creative featured wild and vividly colourful animation moving all the way down and jumping between different screens and buildings, but especially focused on sharing the enjoyment of Oreos and consumption moments such as dunking.

Pictionary: Mall Surprise

To illustrate the tagline, “See what happens when you take the time to play,” Mattel Games transformed what looked like a regular poster into a live game that offered surprise Pictionary challenges and unexpected prizes to shoppers in Canada.

Jay Z: Decoded

The “Decoded” campaign was an interactive game experience that saw every page from Jay-Z’s memoir placed in different real-world locations that were based on the content of the page. Using Bing, fans were allowed to discover these pages, and compete to try and be the first player to compile it.

KLM: Live High Five

For one day, KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York live, through high fives! Two interactive installations provided a live look through across the ocean, allowing people on the street to come face to face with another citizen from New York or Amsterdam.

Continental Sensations: Call to Dispense

Billed as an ‘Australian first’, this  ‘call to dispense’ campaign from Unilever which encourages consumers to call a free mobile number and in return the panel dispenses a single serve packet of Cup a Soup Sensations.