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Love is in the air

Whether you love it or hate it, you surely can’t avoid it. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is almost here and brands are doing their best to capitalise on the emotions of loved up shoppers. We had a look at some of the best campaigns of the season:


This Valentine’s Day Tesco is finding out whether love can be found in a shopping basket. Taking on the role of Cupid, Tesco pairs up potential ‘dates’ based on the contents of their baskets and sends them on a date. Surprisingly the dates seem to all work out okay – perhaps supermarket dating is the new Tinder?!


Despite the fact that Valentine’s is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, research has found 49% of Brits do not look forward to Valentine’s Day, 40% said Valentine’s Day is a cliché and 43% said they would like to try something new. Durex responds to these facts by encouraging couples to ditch clichés around Valentine’s Day and just have sex! Easy!


The #ShareTheLove campaign from the NHS uses humour to navigate the tricky task of getting people to discuss organ donation. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the film shows various couples on dates – with one personal always sharing a little more than they really had to…

Supporting singles everywhere, has a very special Valentine’s Day message for anyone planning to spend the day in a less than romantic fashion – “Make the most of it, because it won’t last.” This promise is continued on the website with the added incentive that they will refund any new users if they are still single this time next year. What’s to lose?

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In time for Valentine’s Day and in honour of the 150th anniversary of Sweethearts candy, parent-company Necco have used socially conscious marketing in a campaign around marriage equality.

Necco are also inviting people to share their sweet stories “of sharing, love, friendship and words from the heart” for a chance to win cash prizes.

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Celebrating romantic love of all kinds, Hallmark have launched #CareEnough campaign which includes a video series that highlights the real love stories of real couples.


Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy… In fact, results from a recent global survey commissioned by Pandora showed that 83% of men find it hard to select impressionable gifts for loved ones on special occasions, a fact that 85% of women agreed on. Half the women questions admitted to not liking the Valentine’s gifts they received, and three out of four women also said they had pretended to like a gift in the past just to be polite. Ouch.

Leading on from this, Pandora has released a clip on YouTube for Valentine’s Day, promoting their digital shopping tool called “Gift Finder” – for those that need a little helping hand.

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Reminding us that love can come in all shapes, colours and sizes – Teleflora’s “What Is Love” campaign features couples of various ages, races and sexual orientations, as well as friends and a mother and child.

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