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Here Comes The Sun

Summer has finally arrived (although only time will tell how long it lasts)! For a lot of industries the onset of summer generally signals a slowdown, but for others it presents an amazing opportunity to really leverage their brand. Before running outside to make the most of those precious rays we slapped on our factor 50 and had a look at the ways that sun care brands use the season to market themselves:

Piz Buin

Featured nationwide in Boots stores, these POS displays for sunscreen brand Piz Buin utilised the power of scent marketing as a tool. The campaign aimed to remind consumers of Piz Buin’s recognisable fragrance and hopefully evoke happy memories of being on holiday, thus increasing sales through positive associations.



This magazine ad for Sundown sunblock builds the message into the medium by reacting to the sun in the same way that the skin does. When exposed to UV light, the man in the image appears to burn (showing that he obviously does not wear sun protection), whilst the thoroughly protected woman stays the same colour.


Sundown are also very creative with their in-store POS displays as seen here in this sandcastle shaped unit.



Nivea Brazil

This clever stunt by Nivea in Brazil uses UV-sensitive dolls to teach kids the importance of applying suncream. An innovative and engaging PR stunt, although unfortunately the sunburn dolls were never available to purchase on the high street.

Hawaiian Tropic

This advert by Hawaiian Trop presents an extreme situation to promote their waterproof sunscreen cream and enhance the products selling point. A great way to grab the consumer’s attention and remind them what it is that sets this product apart from the others available.



Garnier demonstrates its ability to protect consumers from the sun with these handy billboard displays.



Cancer Council of Western Australia

This interactive billboard from SunSmart has a free sunscreen dispenser built into the design to encourage passersby to stay protected. This combined with the hard hitting copy, “cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer” sends out a strong message of advice to all who see it.



This concept bus ad for Soltan uses clever copy, ‘Don’t see red this summer”, and bold imagery to capture the attention of everyone that see’s it.


Nivea Australia

Another one by Nivea! This time their ‘Take care out there’ campaign that demonstrated the vulnerability of the skin and the damage caused by the suns harmful rays.


This outdoor display by Eucerin relies on sunlight to direct passersby to the correct level of protection that they need depending on what time of day it is.


Australian Surfer Sunblock

Surf culture is loaded with potential hazards, but unfortunately Australian Surfer Sunblock can only protect you from one of them – sunburn. This cheeky print ad plays on the stereotype of young carefree surfer whilst aiming to increase awareness of dangerous sun exposure to a typically indifferent demographic.