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Creepy Campaigns

From chocolate packaging to interactive experiences, halloween is a great time for brands to embrace their creative side and build brand awareness. We had a look at some of this year’s creepiest campaigns:


Unsuspecting Tesco shoppers were treated to creepy surprises whilst in the “Spookermarket” this week. There were plenty of tricks waiting for them in the aisles, such as ghoulish butchers, severed hands in the frozen section and even haunted trollies that moved around on their own!


Offering a halloween experience like no other, this Airbnb competition gave winners the chance to spend halloween night in the Paris catacombs (with 6 million other “resting” souls). A  truly innovative way to build brand awareness and offer customers a unique experience.



Candy Kittens

Gourmet gummy sweet brand, Candy Kittens, unveiled their ‘Dead Good” Halloween vending machine in Shoreditch, London. Tempted in by the free treats, passersby soon realised all was not as it seemed…

Cadburys Mini Rolls

These ‘dead tasty’ mini rolls are covered in delicious blood (jam) and have some ghouly packaging to appeal to all those witches and wizards out there.



Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Showing that even the most unlikely of combinations can work, this cheeky halloween advert by Reese’s gives you a glimpse of the headless horseman and his pumpkin companion in a way you’ve never seen them before.


Special limited edition glow in the dark packaging makes these Oreos the perfect spooky party treat.

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Pizza Hut

A quick and easy guide at how to win at Halloween this year – from creative costumes, scary pranks and of course the best pizza treats.


Fanta’s ‘Tastes Like’ Halloween brand campaign capitalises on the growing popularity of the annual spook-fest. By utilising the brand’s playful qualities they hope to make it the seasonal party beverage of choice.


Burger King

Burger King decided to turn the buns of its famous Whopper burger black to capitalise on Halloween. Only available for a limited time, the bun is described as having a BBQ flavour with a tangy bite!


There are even more spooky surprises on out petrifying pin board. Just click here!