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Christmas Campaigns

It might only be November but the festive season is in full swing – the lights are up, the windows are dressed and the adverts are out! It might seem early, but research shows that one in five people will have done at least some of their Christmas shopping by the first week of November – so you can hardly blame the retailers for wanting to get in there early! We had a look at some of this year’s Christmas adverts to see what retailers are doing to promote themselves during the busiest shopping season.


A move away from the recent trend that tugs at the heartstrings, this lighthearted campaign features Mog the cat as it’s calamitous character. As part of the campaign, Sainsbury’s will be selling a special Mog the Cat book with all its sales profits going to Save the Children to support their literacy work. So far Sainsbury’s has sold 39 books every minute since they were launched in store – taking it to the top spot in the bestseller charts!

John Lewis

John Lewis also has a charity tie-up ,but with Help the Aged, in an advert that can’t help but make viewers feel a tinge of sadness and guilt. The emotional piece, titled the Man On The Moon, aims to raise awareness of a million older people who go for months without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member – and features  the tag line ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’.

TK Maxx

Another tearjerker, the clothing store encourages people to “love your neighbour” because “they might not be your dearest, but they are your nearest.”


Focusing on the rush and excitement of Christmas, Argos’ campaign runs with the tagline ‘Just Can’t Wait for Christmas’ – highlighting the brands Fast Track Collection and Same-Day Delivery service.


Named top Christmas advert of 2015, by Net Mums’ online video community, Channel Mum – Aldi’s offering continues the supermarket’s ‘Favourite Things’ campaign.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols’ Christmas ad this year explains how to avoid the ordeal of having to pretend you like an unwanted gift – or having to put on what they have coined as “gift face”.

Marks and Spencer

Rather than one long Christmas ad, Marks and Spencer have released two shorter ones this year – each building on it’s existing “the art of…” and “adventures in…” formats. Unusually, the retailer didn’t release the ads on TV or social first, instead giving it’s Sparks loyalty members the chance to view it before anyone else.


If there was a prize for the most star filled Christmas advert then Burberry would win hands down! Featuring Romeo Beckham, James Corden, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Naomi Campbell and James Bay to name a few – this feel good piece is a tribute to and a celebration of the British smash hit film and musical, Billy Elliot.


Premiered on November 1st (54 days before the big day), Asda well and truly fired the starting gun on the 2015 retailers’ Christmas adverts. Loud, garish and proud, the 60 second spot has everything from Santa Claus doing the worm to ice skating snow men and a soundtrack from X Factor star Fleur East.


The #cadvent campaign see’s the confectionary brand creating a giant advent calendar made up of 24 Cadbury purple lorries ready to deliver chocolate filled joy across the UK.


A sweet Christmas advert that revisits the theme of Christmas sharing as well as highlighting how much Christmas shopping has changed thanks to the internet.

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